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Planning a trip to Tel-Aviv? Request a greeter to meet you during your stay and get a genuine
Tel-Aviv experience, free-of-charge.

How Does the Tel-Aviv Greeters Program Work?

  • Request a Greeter prior to your visit to Tel-Aviv. We recommend submitting the request 3-4 weeks prior to your arrival in Tel-Aviv. Please do not submit a request if your planned visit to Tel-Aviv is more than 2 months away.
  • After submitting your request, we will do our utmost to match a greeter. A match is made according to your visit dates, language and the areas of interest you indicate.  If we cannot find a match based on your areas of interest we will recommend a greeter who will offer their preferred stroll in Tel-Aviv.
  • If and when a match is made, we will email you the information about your greeter and greet date. You will be asked to confirm your scheduled greet date and time.
  • Your greeter will meet you at a time and place in the city agreed upon in advance and will take you and your family, friends or colleagues (a group of maximum 4 people) for about a two hours stroll in the city.