Planning a visit to Tel Aviv?

If you’re looking for things to do in Tel Aviv why not experience something new and make the most of your visit by meeting a Tel Avivian. Greeters, who are Tel Aviv residents, volunteer to walk with you around the city off the beaten track, and to take you to places you would probably not see if you were sightseeing on your own. This gives you an opportunity to see Tel Aviv from a local’s perspective. You can also chat and ask questions, learn what it is like to live here, what locals do, and where they go in their free time.
We invite you to walk the city with a resident, free of charge, and see some Tel Aviv attractions through the eyes of locals.

Live in Tel Aviv and love it?

Are you an outgoing individual and a real fan of Tel Aviv?
Would you enjoy showing-off YOUR Tel Aviv to visitors from all over the world? We have the volunteering opportunity just for you: become a Tel Aviv Greeter.