“Our greeter was great – he knew lots about the history of Tel Aviv and at the end of the tour, he led ‎us to a great place to eat which we would never have discovered without him. Thank you ‎very much!‎‎” ‎‎         Natalie from Finchley UK

“The time we spent with our greeter was a highlight of ‎our entire trip to Israel, not just Tel Aviv. It was an extraordinary opportunity to see the city ‎through the eyes of a local resident. Thank you so much for this experience, which we will ‎treasure always.‎” ‎‎         Shelley from Virginia USA

“The way of showing the city – with a very personal touch – went beyond of what I had ‎imagined, in a very positive way. It made my trip to Tel Aviv one of the best I’ve ever had.‎‎ ‎‎”         Gianni from Zelzate Belgium

“What can be better than to have a local resident show you their city! We loved having the ‎opportunity to get to know a local, and to talk about many things as we walked through Neveh ‎Tzedek & Jaffa. We felt like we got to know about an Israeli living in Tel Aviv.‎ ‎‎”         Marilyn from Connecticut USA

“It was a real pleasure to meet my greeter and to have a lovely stroll through two major areas ‎of the city, and to have some very interesting exchanges about life in Tel-Aviv and more ‎generally in Israel concerning historical, sociological, political, cultural and artistically aspects. I ‎loved that experience which gave me a richer souvenir of my stay there. ‎‎”         Marlene from Paris France

“We enjoyed very much the stroll with our greeter, a nice and interesting woman. Our walk in the city with her is one of ‎the best days of our trip to Israel.‎”         Alain from Paris France

“Our first time experience with greeters has been most interesting. Our greeter met us at Rabin Square and from there led us through to the heart of old and renovated Tel Aviv. His explanations were interesting and lively. His love for the city was apparent and made the walk even more rewarding.”         Menahem from New Jersey USA

“Our experience with Tel Aviv Greeter exceeded our expectations. It was interesting to see a place through the eyes of a local resident and have him impart his love for his city along with historical and cultural detail. Highly recommended!”         Sharon from New York USA

“The greeter – a wonderful organization. The best way to get to know a town is in the hands of somebody who lives there and loves the place.”         Gabriele from Salzburg Austria

“If you stay for some days in Tel Aviv make sure you meet up with a Tel Aviv greeter!
It is a unique experience and helps a lot getting to know the “special” places of this wonderful city!”
         Thomas from Dresden Germany

“I got to see the most beautiful spots of Jaffa and learned a lot about the area. I never would have got this special Jaffa experience on my own.”         Yael from Leeuwarden Holland

“We thoroughly enjoyed our experience in Tel Aviv with our greeter. He walked with us 5 or 6 miles around the city explaining everything about what we were seeing. He is very knowledgeable and interesting person who speaks perfect English. I highly recommend this service to all visiting Tel Aviv.”         Joel from California USA

“We had a wonderful tour of Jaffa with our Greeter. What a wonderful way to see a new place and meet a local who loves their city.
Highly recommended!”
         Mona from Ontario Canada