Visitors Antonio from Brazil and Joana from Angola with greeter Etty yearning for a dip in the ‎sea
while strolling in Charles Clore Park.‎


Visitor Peter from Brussels Belgium with greeter Steve at one of the many cafes on Bugrashov ‎Street.


Visitors Juan and Marisol from Texas USA with greeter Matias absorbing the declaration of the ‎Israeli state at the Independence Hall on Rothschild Blvd.‎


Visitor Alex from Brazil with greeter Yael surrendering to their sweet teeth at the Carmel Market.


Steven, Leigh-Anne and Gideon from South Africa with greeter Anat at Sarona.


Olga and Fima from New York with greeter Ophir enjoying an evening out on the town.


Peggy and Clarisse from France with greeter Etty at the French Ambassador House ‎in Jaffa.‎‎‏‎


Apple from China and Yujiro from Japan with greeter Anat, enjoying a stroll on Rothschild Blvd and absorbing the city’s fabulous ‎architecture.‎‏‎


Maria and Igor from Moscow with greeters Sasha and Tal at ‎a local pub‎.‎


Flavia, Marília, and Marina from Budapest Hungary
with greeter Rachel on Rothschild Blvd.


Kinga from Hungary with greeter Anat.


Kathleen and Alan from Canada with greeter Anat enjoying a break ‎from their stroll in the city at a sidewalk café at the Yemenite Quarter.‎


David from Milano Italy with greeter Dorron on Rothschild Blvd.


Scott from England with greeter Michal enjoying a bike ride around the city.


Kinza and Thein from Geneva with greeter Hezy at Neve Tzedek.


Jennifer from New Orleans with greeter Daniel.


Maline family from Washington DC with greeter Steve in Jaffa.


Dominique and Rojas from Frankfurt Germany with greeter Gal in a “Sabich” eatery
on Rashi Street.


Patrice from Paris France with greeter Aliza at the “Hatachana” – the new station
compound in Neve Tzedek.


Marlene from Paris France with greeter Galia in downtown Tel-Aviv’s Aliya street.


Simon and Sherrie from Rickmansworth England with greeter Danny in Park Meir.


Pamela and Charles from Texas USA with greeter Dorit at the Charles Clore park.


Amy and Steve from Scarsdale USA with greeter Israel in Jaffa.


Esther from Ottawa Canada with greeter Hani at the “Hatachana” – the new station
compound in Neve Tzedek.


Tel-Aviv Greeter greets Big Apple Greeter.
Harris and Marilyn from Connecticut USA with greeter Nur in Jaffa.


Anna from Brussels and Ksenia from Paris
with Greeter Anat in Neve Tzedek.


Kerstin from Germany with greeter Josepha in a herbs shop at the Carmel market.


Tel Aviv-Jaffa municipality’s Global City and Tourism Administration together with Mayor Ron Huldai hosted Tel-Aviv Greeter volunteers for a Rosh Hashana toast and tribute for our work and dedication.


Shelley and Mark from Virginia USA with Greeter Edna in front of the
Shlush twin buildings on Pines street.


Iris, Jorge and Benjamin from Montreal Canada with Greeters Rita and Matias at the Tel Aviv Port promenade.


Carolyn and Jed from Rhode Island with Greeter Varda at the statue of faith in Jaffa.


Dina from New York with Greeter Levi at the Tel-Aviv promenade.


Dennis and Marc from Berlin with Greeters Aya and Daniel in Jaffa.


Pamela from Henderson USA with Greeter Diana.


Dina from Minneapolis USA with Greeter Miriam near Habima theater.


The Schwartz family from Pennsylvania USA with Greeter Nur and his two sons on Rothschild Boulevard.


Debby, Anthony and Stephanie from Sydney Australia with Greeter Steve at Hayarkon Park.


Jill from Atlanta USA with Greeter Anat at the Carmel market.


Charis from Singapore with Greeter Shelly at the Tel-Aviv port.


Tel-Aviv Greeter greets Big Apple Greeter:
Robert from New York with Greeter Anat in Jaffa.


Claudia from Columbia with Greeter Shay in Ramat Aviv.


Lounev and Furman families from San Jose California with Greeter Hezy in Jaffa.


Fay and Abe from Ottawa Canada with Greeter Laila on Shenkin Street.


Jaime and Mirta from Punta Del Este Uruguay with greeter Rita in the Yemenite Quarter.


Joan and Helene from New York with Greeter Rachel on Montefiore Street.


Nishant, Leon, Jay and Sandeep, from China, India and Singapore – all students at the Singapore University – with Greeters Aya and Daniel , enjoying a bite after a walk in Jaffa.


Zoltan and Monika from Hungary with Greeter Shay on the Tel-Aviv promenade.


Brian and Brenda from Idaho USA with Greeter Josepha at the Carmel Market.


Alison from New York USA with Greeter Laila in Shabazi Street.


Anna from Phoenix Arizona with Greeter Ana in Neve Tzedek.


Damian from Maidenhead UK with Greeters Israel and Shulamit in front of the Tel-Aviv Center for Urban Culture (old city hall) in Bialik Square.


Remy from Rochester New York with Greeter David on Shabazi street.


Iva from the Czech Republic with Greeter Miriam on Gordon Street.


Anne and Don from Melbourne Australia with Greeter Danny in Bialik street.


Françoise from Paris France with Greeter Miriam on Frug street.


Sylvia and Arthur from Chicago USA visited Plonit (Anonymous) Lane with Greeter Diana .


Marcia and Jack from Brighton UK with Greeter Dorron on Rothschild Boulevard.


Franck and Emmanuel from Lyon France with Greeter Dorit
enjoying the sunset on the Tel-Aviv promenade.


Natalie from Finchley UK with Greeter Steve at the Yemenite Quarter.


Elaine from West Hempstead New York and Greeter David
at the Tel-Aviv history exhibit in the Shalom Tower.


Yasmin and Daniel from Oldenburg Germany visited Jaffa with Greeter David.


Lisa from Brindisi Italy with Greeter Zvia at the Jaffa Flea Market.


Jedeikin Family from San Diego California with Greeter Steve at Hayarkon Park.