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Information you need to know before you fill out our Visitor Registration Form.

We do not accept requests for greeters via tourist agencies or visitors’ friends/relatives . All requests must be submitted directly form visitors with personal email addresses. We require direct contact with visitors.

We recommend you request a greeter at least 3 weeks before arriving in Tel-Aviv. We cannot accept last minute requests. Please do not submit a request if your planned visit to Tel-Aviv is more than 2 months away.

Your group of visitors can include up to 4 people maximum (including children and adults), with at least 1 person over 18. Regretfully, we cannot accept groups of 5 or more people. Larger groups that split and submit separate requests are also not accepted.

Greeters are available 7 days a week. Visits start between 9 AM and 7 PM, and last for approximately 2 hours.

 Walks with a Greeter are NOT scheduled for arrival or departure days. A local Tel-Aviv telephone number with voice mail is necessary before we will confirm your visit. We are unable to accept abroad phone numbers in place of a local Tel-Aviv telephone number.

Your meeting point with a greeter must be in Tel-Aviv, therefore, you must be staying in the city. Greeters will meet you either at your hotel or at your place of accommodation in the city, or at a location in the city agreed upon in advance.

If you have special needs or interests, a language preference or neighborhoods that you would like to visit, please tell us. It will help us match you with a greeter. However, we cannot guarantee a walk in your preferred area and your Greeter may suggest a different location in the city. Note that Greeters do not visit with you museums or any other venues.

 Walks are subject to the availability of a volunteer greeter. Submitting this form does not guarantee the availability of a greeter.

We suggest that your walk takes place within the first 2 or 3 days of your arrival. Your greeter will help you become familiar with Tel-Aviv, its attractions and public transportation.

Greeters are friendly and enthusiastic volunteers. They ARE NOT professional tour guides.

If you prefer (we recommend it), leave the choice of place to visit up to your greeter by requesting a “Greeter’s Choice” when you fill out the form.

You will receive a confirming email from us giving you the name and contact information of your greeter when we match your request for a volunteer. You will be asked to confirm the scheduled greet date and time.

 If you do not hear from us a few days before your arrival, this regretfully means we could not match you with a Greeter.

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