Welcome Volunteers!

If you are passionate about Tel Aviv, and would like to share your love for our city with visitors from all over the world, Volunteer to Be a Greeter.

Greeters are volunteers, outgoing individuals who share their love for their city in an enthusiastic and hospitable manner. You will take visitors for a walk through the city so they can experience Tel Aviv in a unique way, from the perspective of a local resident.

If you love Tel Aviv, enjoy meeting people from around the world and would like to greet visitors and share YOUR Tel Aviv with them, the Tel Aviv Greeter program has just the volunteer opportunity for you.

You will take a group of up to 4 visitors on an informal unscripted 2-3 hours walk through designated parts or neighborhoods of Tel Aviv. You may choose the walk destination based on your own knowledge of the city and share personal stories and favorite spots.  Your knowledge of off the beaten track neighborhoods is an advantage.

Tel Aviv Greeter welcomes all adult volunteers (18+ years of age) without regard to race, creed, gender,
or age.